CHEZ ZeN retreats 2020

CHEZ ZeN offers 2 own Holistic Retreat Concepts in 2020

 ZeN Transformation Retreat REBELL BUDDHA  (12 events)  


SILENT YOGA Retreat in cooperation with SOYOMA YOGA  (1 event 17.-24.10)

Find details about the Silent Retreat underneath the Rebell Buddha listing

12x CHEZ ZeN's Reborn Retreat  REBELL BUDDHA

7 days of...

 Y O G A . A Y U R V E D A . B O D Y W O R K  . D E T O X  . S I L E N T  P E R I O D S  . E M P O W E R M E N T

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” Krishnamurti

We welcome you to a contemporary retreat without “shanti shanti” and esoteric rituals. Without group pressure or mandatory attendance to the sessions. (Much coveted by men too.)

We invite you to get to know the holistic CHEZ ZeN approach, if you are willing to improve your life by:

We are here to provide you with devotion: 

  • A deep regeneration from your day-to-day reality.
  • A profound experiencing and clear understanding of how you reactivate your lightsome essence,        by yourself and long lasting
  • A warm, homely and comfortable atmosphere surrounded by a picturesque, calm nature.  

At CHEZ ZeN, neuroscientific insights and ancient practices are holistically melting into each other in order to provoke a complete shift of perception towards the profound Buddha peace, we are all longing for. 

Our most popular retreat was designed by CHEZ ZeN founders, to guide our guests into this state of connectedness, so that they can re-discover their unique resources, feel the magic of each moment and break into freedom.

Some people still remember that state from their childhoods. Just as the Rebell, who explored the inner and outer world with innocence and wildness. Still recognizing the suffering of obedience. The good news is: This pure nature is still accessible!

 Inspired by modern science, we use the most direct way to your own inner wisdom. Your  


This is not group therapy! Your processes do not require notification. Enjoy receiving and design your stay at the CHEZ ZeN according to your needs!



Retreat languages: English / German

Silent periods will enhance your energy level, purify and cleanse your mind, raise your consciousness, tranquility, awareness, and self-love. 

It will remind you of your inner vision and path of life, possibly releasing blockages as well as inspiring you to find inner freedom.

Being in touch with your true essence gives you a chance to embrace your own being as well as that of others.

The wisdom and freedom behind -the scientifically proven- nonduality, will be experienced through silence, meditation, therapeutic bodywork (trauma healing) and gentle Yin Yoga.

Silent periods will have a life changing effect on your:

- mind observation & perception of reality

- consciousness & awareness

- tranquility & energy level

- understanding of love

The wisdom of nonduality will take the whole pressure of your past-created reality away and makes space for a self-empowered awareness, which will be the source of creativity, freedom, happiness and love. 


Die Weisheit und Freiheit hinter der Lehre der -physikalisch bewiesenen- Nondualität wird in diesem Seminar mittels Stille, Meditation, sanftem Yin Yoga und therapeutischer Körperarbeit, die Trauma heilend wirkt, erfahren.

Schweigezeiten haben lebensverändernde Auswirkungen auf die Beobachtungfähigkeit Ihres Geistes, Ihre Realitätswahrnehmung, innere Ausgeglichenheit, Energielevel und Verständnis von Liebe.

Ziel dieser Praxis ist es, den angesammelten Druck Ihrer einst kreierten und empfundenen Realität aufzulösen und Raum für Selbstermächtigung im Bewusstseinsprozess zu schaffen. Dies wird fortan die Quelle ihrer Kreativität, Freiheit, Glück und Liebe darstellen, aus der sie unbegrenzt schöpfen können. Isabel Rössle und Dennis Wittmann führen Sie sanft durch diese Prozesse, die im Einheitsbewusstsein münden.

Die Lehrer

Dennis Wittmann

Nach einigen Jahren im Ashram und Ausbildungen in verschiedenen Yogatraditionen - sowohl bei Swamis als auch "Normalos" - hat Dennis sich heute in dem von Dr. Patrick Broome gelehrten Yoga "Yoga für Alle" gefunden.

Auf seinem Weg, unterrichtete Dennis schon auf fast allen Hochzeiten. Vom Ashram bis hin zum Fußballclub Schalke04. 

Der zentrale Aspekt in Dennis' Praxis und seinem Unterricht ist ein bewusstes Üben sowie die Arbeit mit der Energie des Atem und der Lebensfreude. Es ist ihm beim Yoga vor allem wichtig, einen für den SCHÜLER passenden Unterricht zu gestalten, der den Alltag unterstützt.

Die Lehrer die Dennis auf seinem Yoga-Weg bislang neben Dr. Patrick Broome prägend begleitet haben, sind Yong Ho Kim, Timo Wahl, Krishnatakis und Till Heeg. Bei allen absolvierte er teilweise mehrere Ausbildungen und Lehrgänge. 

  • gerneral information about our CHEZ ZeN retreat-seminars:

    gerneral information about our CHEZ ZeN retreat-seminars: CHEZ ZeN retreats . . . Our beautiful seminar house has a beautiful window-walled yoga and meditation room with a chimney. In-house meditation cushions, cuddly blankets, yoga mats, straps, locks and foot-ups leave nothing to be desired during a session. Our cousres, sessions, teachings, coaching and guidings are led by multi-field trained instructors and passionate souls. We look forward to serving you with the FINEST REGIONAL FOOD during the retreat! A LARGE BREAKFAST BUFFET and MULTI-COURSE BRUNCH and DINNER await you in a cozy, quiet and relaxed dining atmosphere. Our highly trained and skillful cooks lovingly prepare the most delicious dishes for you, using the fruits and herbs that grow in our own garden. Surprising dishes and exciting tastes will seduce your sweet tongues.