CHEZ ZeN retreats

CHEZ ZeN retreats . . . 

Our beautiful seminar house has a beautiful window-walled yoga and meditation room with a chimney. In-house meditation cushions, cuddly blankets, yoga mats, straps,blocks and foot-ups leave nothing to be desired during a session. Our cousres, sessions, teachings, coaching and guidings are led by multi-field trained instructors and passionate souls.

We look forward to serving you with the FINEST ORGANIC FOOD during the retreat! A LARGE BREAKFAST BUFFET and MULTI-COURSE BRUNCH and DINNER await you in a cozy, quiet and relaxed dining atmosphere. Our highly trained and skillful cooks lovingly prepare the most delicious dishes for you, using the fruits and herbs that grow in our own garden. Surprising dishes and exciting tastes will seduce your sweet tongues. 

Our prizes include retreat facilitation costs + accommodation costs 

~ accomondation > various room options with shower & WC

~ organic vegetarian full board (Breakfast, Buffet, Lunch & Dinner Menü)

~ seminars, sessions, teachings

~ sauna, campfire, discoball

~ coffee, tea and cake 


for our FULL RESIDENTIAL RETREAT PRICE  for 7 DAYS is 1099€ | (payment plans available on request)

until 2 month in advance any CHEZ ZeN Retreat, we offer Early Bird Price 999€ I (payed in full)

the whole team would be thirlled to have you with us enjoying yourself!

CHEZ ZeN means to be with yourself, to be secure in oneself.

CHEZ ZeN is a way to freedom of being.

It is a way, a way of conscious love.

It´s your life.

  • Yin Yang Alchemy - Yoga & Tao Fusion - 27. 10. - 02. 11. 2019

    The highest quality of desire is based on the highest quality of receptivity. A pure yin is a total receptivity to the reality and it's wonderful richness. It frees us from every ounce of fear, anger and despair. It gives us a feeling of bliss, abundance and love. Inside this openness the pure yang can be engendered : a clear intention, a high desire, an unstoppable passion. Combining the two is riding the dragon of our desire with complete confidence and courage, while remaining receptive to the movements of the world. It's flying toward a goal while deeply enjoying the way. It is the unity of happiness and desire. A mind like this, melting meditation and action, can be immensely powerful. ••• Practices with Sunny: Tibetan Death Meditation, The Dragon Dance, Hormon Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga ••• Practices with Antoine: Self Care Practices, Taoist Meditation, Energetic Work, Qi Gong, Taï Chi
  • " The Magic Kingdoms" - Isis & The Lord of Light - 16.12. - 22.12.2019

    ••• Egyptian Alchemy •••
  • "A Midwinters Dream" - New You´s Eve - 28.12.2019 - 02.01.2020

    Rauhnachtsretreat On a Spiritual Journey... Release - Reinvent Meditate - Manifest - Materialize ... Vision Quest
  • "Le Sacre Du Printemps" - The Spring Awakening - 16. 03. - 22. 03. 2020

    The Elements and YOU
  • "Sense & Sensibility" - Festival der Sinne - 19.06. - 24.06.2020

    Festival of the Senses
  • "The Way Of The Heart" - Meeting RUMI - 06.09. - 12.09.2020

    Self-Love • Self-Care • Inner Child Journey • Ecstatic Dance
  • "Tiefer als der Tag gedacht" - Sundown of the Year - 18.09. - 24.09.2020

    Gratitude meets Gathering the Abundance
  • Mother- Child Retreat

  • NO Fear Retreat

  • Noble Silence & Ayurveda

  • Rest, Relax, Rejuvenate