CHEZ ZeN was founded after an awakening experience of its founder Isabel, who remained in the state of connectedness and wholeness for a few months. The 2 dominant feelings during her awakening period were love and compassion.

She healed with her hands intuitively. She slept only 1 day/week. She experienced the state of freedom from fear (the ego didn't suck energy) and witnessed how it feels to be noticably embedded in the universal laws. 

This experience of complete trust, changed her life fundamentaly. She realised, that the main goal of her existence, was to share her experiences and support healing where people are deeply disconnected from their true nature. Their "rebel buddha". Chez ZeN's most popular retreat is called after this expression. 

We only have one Guest: YOU. 

at CHEZ ZeN, we aim to make you feel special at all times, as if you were our only guest. our team designs tailored solutions for you and with you.

at CHEZ ZeN you find deep relaxation, healing and beauty. 

Being means being love, being the fullness, being everything. 

CHEZ ZeN is the maximum well being.

CHEZ ZeN means to recognize oneself in everything and thereby to experience wholeness.

CHEZ ZeN is the maximum well being.

We are here to provide you: A deep regeneration from your day-to-day reality.

A profound experiencing and clear understanding of how you reactivate your lightsome essence, by yourself and long lasting!

A warm, homely and comfortable atmosphere surrounded by a picturesque, calm nature.  

At CHEZ ZeN, neuroscientific insights and ancient practices are holistically melting into each other in order to provoke a complete shift of perception towards the profound Buddha peace, we are all longing for. 

CHEZ ZeN is a place of self-knowledge.

Who expects perfection in CHEZ ZeN and has many expectations, is highly addictive.

Many expectations mean a lot of pressure. Take the pressure out of your own expectations. Give what you expect. So you become free from your addictions.

The craving for perfection is not served here, knowing that everything is good the way it is.

Who is full of rejection, which has much to criticize. Criticism is an addiction.

Realize why you are like you, instead of wanting to change being. 

Recognize the divine harmony behind everything. What you refuse will be experienced externally, as well as what you accept.

Everything you give instead of expecting, that sets you free.

The CHEZ ZeN is a place where the awareness of love can be consciously experienced.

In CHEZ ZeN, the fullness that the abundance fulfills is experienced.