we only have one Guest: YOU. 

at CHEZ ZeN, we aim to make you feel special at all times, as if you were our only guest. our team design tailored solutions for you and with you.

deep relaxation and beauty. it‘s yout life!

Being means being love, being the fullness, being everything. Everything has its origin in nothingness. Who is love, that is. He who is pure love refuses nothing, not even nothingness.

CHEZ ZeN means to recognize oneself in everything and thereby to experience wholeness.

CHEZ ZeN is the maximum well being.

Everything is in the flow of life. What man wants to remove from the flow will carry him away until he recognizes himself as an infinite part of the perfect flow. Everything flows when it is allowed to flow. Every blockade is part of the flow. The solution wants to know, as well as the problem. The solution of blockages wants to experience itself, as well as letting go. Only those who cling, can learn to let go. Realize if it is easy for you to let go. Realize what you find difficult, by what you find easy. Feel it. Every feeling is part of the wholeness. Emotions that we reject are experienced exactly by our mental rejection. The very feelings we do not want need our compassion. CHEZ ZeN is a place of conscious compassion. Compassion requires the conscious experience of feelings. Who has learned, who knows. He who has felt becomes compassionate. Such is the felt becoming, the conscious being in compassion. Transformation takes place in the heart.

CHEZ ZeN is a place of self-knowledge. He who seeks knowledge experiences himself consciously as a seeker. Many reject the seeker as an illusion. It is their own illusion, the illusion of illusion. Who expects perfection in CHEZ ZeN and has many expectations, is highly addictive. Who expects, who waits. Many expectations mean a lot of pressure. Take the pressure out of your own expectations. Give what you expect. So you become free from your addictions, regardless of dependency.

The craving for perfection is not served here, knowing that everything is good the way it is. It is. Recognize the divine harmony behind everything. What you refuse will be experienced externally, as well as what you accept. Who is full of rejection, which has much to criticize. Criticism is an addiction. The addiction of rejection. CHEZ ZeN takes the path of conscious acceptance that springs from the conscious existence of rejection. Realize why you are like you, instead of wanting to change being. CHEZ ZeN means to be, to be well.

The CHEZ ZeN is a place where the awareness of love can be consciously experienced. Experiences may be and what would be man without his experience, he would be empty. The conscious emptiness follows every fullness. In CHEZ ZeN, the fullness that the abundance fulfills is experienced. Anyone who lacks something here lives in want, not in the fullness of being.

CHEZ ZeN means to be with yourself, to be secure in oneself. Then you can bring security instead of expecting security. Everything you give instead of expecting, that sets you free. Those who live only in expectations, who gives his addiction instead of being free. CHEZ ZeN is a way to freedom of being.

It is a way, a way of conscious love.

It´s your life.