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october 2019

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Yin & Yang Alchemy

27.10.2019 – 02.11.2019

Yoga & Tao Fusion


Yin & Yang Alchemy

It is...

Light and Darkness Active and Receptive Meditation and Action Sun and Moon Earth and Sky Feminine and Masculine Ego and Self Consciousness and Matter

Two Energies

Embraced by Unity


The highest quality of desire is based on the highest quality of receptivity. A pure yin is a total receptivity to the reality and it's wonderful richness. It frees us from every ounce of fear, anger and despair. It gives us a feeling of bliss, abundance and love.Inside this openness the pure yang can be engendered : a clear intention, a high desire, an unstoppable passion.Combining the two is riding the dragon of our desire with complete confidence and courage, while remaining receptive to the movements of the world. It's flying toward a goal while deeply enjoying the way. It is the unity of happiness and desire. A mind like this, melting meditation and action, can be immensely powerful.

Practices with Sunny

Tibetan Death Meditation

The Dragon Dance( Yang Yoga )

Hormon Yoga

Yin Yoga 

Practices with Antoine

Self Care Practices

Taoist Meditation

Energetic Work

Qi Gong

Taï Chi

Dive with us, deep into the structure of the universe. We will explore the depth of the physical and psychical aspects, the combination of Yin and Yang, journeying towards the transcendence of duality into Wu Ji the state of Unity.

december 2019

"The Magic Kingdoms"

Yoga meets Egyptian Alchemy

I s i s  &  T h e  L o r d  of  L i g h t

 16.12. - 22.12.2019

Winter Solstice

The Magic Kingdoms Retreat will take place over winter solstice, which is one of the most sacred sun celebrations happening on the 21st of December. It is the deepest night of the year - which is why it is also called "MUTTERNACHT". That night, deep in the dark earth, in the most silent hours, the goddess gives birth to the child of the sun, the resurgence of the light and the birth of the new life.

The foundation of the practice is scientific (the endocrine system)

and esoteric (the chakras) -

 it then combines Yogic and Egyptian Alchemy


Hormon Yoga, Tantric Yoga 

Sound Breathing and Bija Mantras

will prepare 

 Ancient Egyptian Meditation, Breathing and Visualization Practices 


these advanced practices activate the seat of the source

for a taste of the spring water

we will work immensely on your relationship with your energetic body,

energizing and empowering it

these magical exercises support development and transformation 

one focus is the pineal gland

- the seat of the soul and the place in which all our thoughts are formed

and the heart

- the ruler of your vibe

thus on the unification of the heart spirit

with the seat of the soul 

through these retreat,

you learn to be the creator of your ecstasy

we come to a state of awareness,

increasing our ability to connect to bliss and the source by mere thought,

to strengthen the connection to your divine,

a strong heart vibration,

a bath in the ocean of your samadhi

december 2019 - january 2020

"A Midwinters Dream"

With Pagan Poetry Into The New Year

New You´s Eve in France

 28.12.2019 - 02.01.2020

On a Spiritual Journey...

Release - Reinvent

Meditate - Manifest - Materialize

 Vision Quest

Hey, YOU!

You are also not in the mood to spend new years eve in the city?

You actually don´ t like new years eve?

You are annoyed of mainstream capitalistic babylon holidays?

You don´ t know what it´ s all about? Just the „coming together“ makes sense for you?

 Than come with us on a vacation and magical journey over New Years Eve to France!...

We will enroll the whole thing, back to the point before commerce,

When it was still about contemplation, protection and new beginnings...

Come with us to the south of France from 28.12. - 02.01.2020 !

We will honor the „Rauhnächte“, the twelve nights, the rough nights of pagan poetry, and celebrate rebirth!....

Which? Yours! The one of the light!

What is the light? - It is clarity, joy, shining skulls and radiating hearts


We spend our time together here with

  • holistic exercise
  • yin yang yoga
  • meditation
  • clean vegan gluten free food
  • Tibetan purifying practices
  • rituals
  • shiatsu massages or healing sessions (optional)

The days before New Year's Eve we are dealing with the old, the death, the letting go and honoring ... and step into the new year (with what we have put down or dressed on new)


  • 5 Elements Dance Meditation
  • cacao ceremony
  • vegan feast

The first day of the New Year is full of invitations, visions, creations and we finish the retreat on the 2nd of January, with great anticipation of all that is coming, after lunch …

( see last years impressions here: )

soon we will again publish dates for:

. no fear retreats for managers. understanding Fear – And Breaking Free From It

. mother child retreats      

CHEZ ZEN also make provide our seminar rooms, equipment and green spaces to external seminar groups for:

. therapists offering healing seminars.

. external rooms for osho centers

. rooms for cooking seminars, dance seminars, massage- and tantric

  seminars, ayahuasca seminars

external retreats in CHEZ ZEN in 2019/2020



JULY 07.-12.  Summer Retreat in Southern France

Yoga, Qi Gong & Meditation Summer Retreat - Renew your Energy & find Balance

Pause and join a retreat that will nourish and inspire your body and mind. Bathed in summer lights and surrounded by nature delights, explore the Yin and Yang aspects of life through Qi gong, Yin Yoga and meditation. Nurtured in a beautifully renovated French farmhouse, renew your energy levels, learn how to find balance and discover a new sense of aliveness.


  • breathtaking views on surrounding nature
  • nurturing environment
  • blissful combination of Qi gong and Yin Yoga
  • initiation to tension release exercise (TRE)
  • nice balance between activities and free time
  • walk across nearby nature & medieval villages
  • get a taste of French lifestyle in the country side
  • salted swimming pool & sauna
  • large choice of massages
  • optional visit to a local market
  • optional wine tasting

All Skill levels – Language of Instruction: English, Spoken Languages: English & French


Caro_medit2.jpgCaroline Combelles, meditation and yoga teacher, teaches groups as well as individuals, and delights at leading retreats in stunning locations across the world. She has developed her own way of combining meditation, qi gong, yin yoga, TRE, somatic movement sand mindful walks to make you feel alive and embodied, vibrant and peaceful. She will guide you towards a new relationship towards your body and your self, made of loving kindness, ease and interconnectedness. Caroline gets her inspiration from her own life journey as well as from Nature, particularly open landscapes and old trees – her favorite spots for meditation.


 The beauty and endless expanse of nature all around creates an ambiance of complete peace.


Jorge Pena, wonderful chef, pours only love, dedication and creativity in his cooking. He thrives at choosing organic products from local markets and prepares delicious home-cooked meals. Snacks and meals all vegetarian, or vegan for the participants who wish so. Other dietary requirements can be accommodated on demand.

Things to do

  • Swimming
  • Sauna
  • Spa treatments
  • Walking
  • Visiting local markets
  • Wine testing
  • Visiting local villages, many classified as ‘most beautiful villages of France’

What’s included

  • 5 night accommodation
  • all meals, drinks and snacks from Sunday afternoon to Friday morning
  • all classes and group activities
  • access to sauna, swimming pool and other onsite facilities

Contact for Reservation & cancellation policy: 

JULY 17.-25. The Source of Love Retreat- Three Jewels New York


Mit dem Duft des Sommers tanzen

Wir verbinden in dieser Woche Tanz, Yoga, Meditation - Malen und Poesie - wir bewegen uns von außen nach innen, feiern den Sommer in seiner ganzen Vielfalt und lassen uns still vom Leben berühren!

Unweit der Pyrenäen thront das 2,5 Hektar große Anwesen Chez Zen alleinstehend auf einem Hügel und bietet atemberaubende Aussichten – Sonnenblumen soweit das Auge reicht – Weite. Ein friedvoller Ort in mitten der Natur mit Salzwasserpool, Sauna, Kamin, einem nahe gelegenen Waldbadesee und herrlichen Wanderwegen. Auf 3 Gebäude verteilt, befinden sich die liebevoll gestalteten Seminar- und Gästeräume, Terrassen und eine tolle Yoga-Tanz-Plattform in der Natur.

Kosten: 950 € im Doppelzimmer inkl. Workshop mit Naomi und leckerem vegetarisch/veganem Essen (Frühstück, Abendessen und tagsüber Obst, Tee, Kaffee und Wasser).

Individuelle Anreise am Sa., den 27.07.2019

Tanz, Bewegung, Körperkunst

Der Workshop verteilt sich auf den Morgen und auf den späten Nachmittag mit Yoga, Meditation, Bewegungsritual, Tanzen.

Wir genießen mit allen Sinnen - Bewegung erweckt altes Wissen – Gefühle – Visionen erwachen, lassen Raum entstehen in uns.

Schamanische Rituale runden das Programm ab. Wir bewegen uns lustvoll auf der Bühne des Lebens, dem eigenen Lied auf der Spur.

Es bleibt viel Zeit zum Lesen, Träumen, Spazierengehen und Baden oder für Ausflüge in die umliegenden malerischen Dörfer und historischen Städte.

Am Sa., den 3.8.2019 endet das Retreat mit einem gemeinsamen Frühstück.

Naomi – she is a colourful earthwalker

Sie macht sich die Welt, wie sie ihr gefällt und dazu möchte sie auch Dich einladen.

Sie ist Tänzerin und eröffnete 2001 ihre eigene Schule "La Luna - embodied arts. Naomi sieht und bewegt sich mit den Augen einer Tänzerin. So hat auch ihr Yoga und Pilates immer einen Flow, immer viele Elemente des Tanzes. Sie lauscht in ihren Körper und lauscht in die Welt. Sie lauscht in Deinen Körper und daraus entsteht intuitiv ihr Unterricht, jede Stunde wird so zur eigenen Komposition. Manche nennen sie eine „Realtime-Workerin“.

Näheres zum Retreat, Fotos, der Anreise und den Anmeldebedingungen unter:



AUGUST 16.-23. AUGUST French Yoga Retreat with Lisa Esteve Pacoud (Paris)

Seminar language: French

AUGUST 25.-1. SEPT. Chez Soi Retrait 

Seminar language: French

✨Le temps d’une semaine, Tran et Melissa vous accueillent en pleine nature 🌳 gersoise pour une retraite de bien-être sous le signe du yoga 🧘‍♀️et de la sororité 👭.

Nous avons créé le projet de retraites Chez soi pour toutes les femmes qui souhaitent prendre le temps de se recentrer et de prendre soin d’elles. ✨

Dans un cadre apaisant, nous vous proposons un programme ✨Yoga&Sororité✨ pour reconnecter le corps et l’esprit autour du yoga, de la méditation et de l’éveil corporel ainsi que des ateliers de réflexions et cercles de parole.

Tous les repas seront végétariens 🥕🥦🍅🍏🍊 et préparés par notre chef sur place.

Au-delà de ces quelques jours, cette retraite vous permettra de repartir avec des outils pour améliorer votre bien-être au quotidien et des réflexions pour une meilleure connaissance de soi.

🔹Caractéristiques :
Retraite réservée exclusivement aux femmes
8 jours et 7 nuits d’hébergement dans un centre de retraite
Brunchs, collations et dîners végétariens faits maison par notre chef
Séances de yoga & de méditation quotidiennes
Ateliers de réflexion et cercles de paroles
Limité à 12 participantes

🔹Niveau de pratique :

🔹Styles de yoga :
Vinyasa (dynamique)
Restauratif (doux)



Nature ushers in the new season as summer gently unwinds, and we ease into a more reflective and intimate state of being. The earth is cooling down, but the soil is still warm enough to plant seeds in your garden. There is a geniune excitement to start new things in the fall!

From that excitement, we designed a delightful week of relaxation, reaffirmation and playfulness in the south of France. 

In an intimate and beautiful setting, we will take a step back and gently guide us towards aligning ourselves with our truest intentions through yoga and meditation, workshops, relational practices and a healthy dose of breathing.

And you are most welcome to join!


As we find and align with our new intentions for the fall, we curiously ask ourselves "What was the idea that brought us here? How did we even end up here? And in order to move forward, where do we want to go? Then what is holding us back?" 

To ease into the answers and gently set new directions, we let go of our daily chores and responsibilities for a few days, to return to our natural playful and open-hearted state of being with ourselves and with others.

But our goal is for everyone to feel free, rest, and come back to themselves. Remember, you're here for you! Practice yoga, meditation and Nidra, join workshops and talks. Make use of the saltwater pool, sauna, fireplaces, trail along a hiking path, explore the villages around or book a massage!