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autumn CHEZ ZeN france . yoga infinty te


will perform the meditations with Tibetan cleansing techniques as well as the 5-element dance ritual and the yin and yang yoga elements.


Born in Berlin, she has been dancing for as long as she can remember and has been teaching yoga since 2o12. She is one of the "Dharma-ji students", where she completed her master's degree and received training in psychological development and yoga nidra. She is also an aerial, children's and family yoga teacher. Throughout her life she has worked on body & movement, communication & energy, transformation and trance. Her passion for Tibetan traditions and teachings is a recurring theme in her studies and is reflected in her work.


Originally from Limassol, the Cypriot of Greek descent found his vocation to cook as a law student in Great Britain.


He enrolled at the Le Monde Institute for Hotel and Tourism Studies and embraced his new career with passion.


Whether he works and learns in the 3-Michelin-star restaurant AZURMENDI, assists on an organic farm in the village of Tris Elies or trains with a well-known sommelier like Yiannis Kaimenakis, his knowledge and appreciation for culinary delights has grown.

His work is based on a deeper understanding of sustainability, biodynamic agriculture and holistic nutrition.

. 1st seminar date: December 28, 2o2o to January 2, 2o21

. 2nd seminar date: 4th to 9th January 2o21

. 3rd seminar date: 6th to 11 february 2o21

. 4rd seminar date: December 28, 2o21 to January 2, 2o22

We developed this extraordinary self-healing seminar series consisting of 3 levels, which can be booked both together and independently of each other:

. A MIDWINTERS DREAM with Sunny Samadi + Team

. THE MAGIC OF COURAGE with Sunny Samadhi + Team (two

   retreat weeks in February and two retreat weeks in late

   March 2021)

. REBEL BUDDHA with the founder of the CHEZ ZeN Pia Isabel

  Rössle, Sunny Samadhi + Team  (two retreat weeks each in

  March, April and May 2021)


The legendary New Year's retreat!


Feel invited to finally be able to work on the causes, not the symptoms.

6 days of deep relaxation in the breathtaking nature of Gascony with full service, fresh vegan, multi-course catering prepared on site, 6 days in the CHEZ ZeN . holistic retreat resort, breakfast, buffet, lunch and dinner, 6 days of trauma-sensitive work with sunny and team. 


Hey, YOU!

You are also not in the mood to spend new years eve in the city?

You actually don´t like new years eve?

You are annoyed of mainstream capitalistic Babylon holidays?

You don´t know what it´s all about? Just the „coming together“ makes sense for you?


Then come with us on a vacation over New Year's Eve to France! . . . .


We will enrol the whole thing, back to the point before commerce,

When it was still about contemplation, protection and new beginnings . . . 

Come with us to the south of France from december 28, 2o2o - january 2, 2o21 + january 4 - 9, 2o21.

We will honour the „Rauhnächte“, the twelve nights, the rough nights of pagan poetry, and celebrate rebirth! . . . 


Which? Yours! The one of the light!

What is the light? - It is clarity, joy, shining skulls and radiating hearts


We spend our time together here with

. yoga

. holistic exercise

. meditation

. clean vegan gluten-free food

. Tibetan purifying practices

. rituals

. shiatsu massages or healing sessions 


The days before New Year's Eve we are dealing with the old, the death, the letting go and honouring... and step into the new year (with what we have put down or dressed on new)


5 Elements Dance Meditation

. cacao ceremony

. vegan feast

. The first day of the New Year is full of invitations, visions,

  creations and we finish the retreat on the 2nd of January, with

  great anticipation of all that is coming, after lunch . . . 

Transferred, this content also applies to the above. second planned retreat week with the same content!

schedule . our mind blowing but flexible schedule will be

28. 12. 2o2o + o4. o1. 2021 


- 18:00 - 20:00  Vegan Dinner & Hello

- 20:00 - 21:00  Tibetan Death Meditation, Journaling, Rituals

- 21:00                   Free Time


29. 12. - 3o. 12. 2o2o + o5. - o6. o1. 2o21 


-   8:00 -  9:00    Tea, Fruits, Juices

-   9:00 - 10:00    Holistic Exercise

-  10:30 - 11:30    Meditation, Journaling, Rituals

-  12:00 - 15:00   Vegan Brunch, Free Time ( Sauna, Shiatsu


-  15:00 - 16:30    Tsa Lung (Tibetan Meditation Preparation),

                                   Meditation, Journaling, Rituals

-  17:00 - 19:00    Vegan Dinner, Free Time

-  19:00 - 21:00    Yin Yang Yoga, Meditation, Rituals

-  21:00                    Fireplace


31. 12. New Year's Eve 2o2o + o7. o1. 2021 


-   8:00 -  9:00    Tea, Fruits, Juices

-   9:00 - 10:00    Holistic Exercise

-  10:30 - 11:30    Meditation, Journaling, Rituals

-  12:00 - 15:00    Vegan Brunch, Free Time ( Sauna, Shiatsu,

                                   Coaching, Massage?)

-  15:00 - 16:30    Tsa Lung (Tibetan Meditation Preparation),

                                   Meditation, Journaling, Rituals

-  17:00 - 18:00     Preparation for the celebration

-  19:00 - 21:00     Banquet

-  21:00 - 22:00    Cocoa ceremony

-  22:30 - 23:30    5 Elements Dance Meditation

-  24:00                    New Years Eve Ritual, Fireplace


o1. o1. 2o21 New Year + o8. o1. 2o21 


-   9:00 - 10:00     Tea, Fruits, Juices

-  11:00 - 12:00     Morning Flow

-  12:00 - 14:00     Vegan Brunch

-  14:30 - 16:00     Tsa Lung (Tibetan Meditation Preparation),

                                    Meditation, Journaling, Rituals

-  17:00 - 19:00     Vegan Dinner, Free Time

-  19:00 - 20:00    Meditation, Journaling, Rituals


o2. o1. 2o21 + o9. o1. 2o21 


-   8:00 -   9:00     Tea, Fruits, Juices

-   9:00 - 10:00     Holistic Exercise

-  10:30 -  11:30     Meditation, Journaling, Rituals

-  12:00 - 14:00     Vegan Brunch and Goodbye


flat-rate travel prices 

The whole team is really looking forward to this trip - and more on it - that YOU, the great unknown, are coming with us!!!


Prices, Comments and additional services

The retreat can be booked for up to 22 people. However, depending on demand, we will be offering this retreat again from January 4, 2o21!

The basic price p. p. includes the following services

. 6 Days  double room use as a single room including bed linen,

  bath towels and final cleaning.
. entire seminar as described.
. freshly prepared Ayurveda full catering, breakfast buffet, multi-

  course lunch and dinner, banquet, all hot and cold drinks and raw

  food  snacks between meals, Cocoa ceremony.the Ayurvedic   

  dishes prepared with fresh organic food are vegan, gluten-free

  and sugar-free.
. Use of the  wood-fired outdoor sauna including bath towels.
. 1 hour exklusive shiatsu or hawaiian massage.

. free wifi.
. free possibility to park your own car.

- Package tour price per person                   - on request!
- Price reduction per person at                     - 150, - EURO
 double occupancy with two


payment method

. 1st payment with booking, 50 %

. 2. payment one week before the start of the journey,  50 %​


Depending on how the room in CHEZ ZeN is to be occupied, Guests are also accommodated in the beautiful, romantic boutique hotel la Lumiane in Saint Puy (10 min. drive). For these guests who are accommodated there, but not arriving with their own car, we offer a rental car for an additional 200,- EURO instead of the collective transfer from Toulouse Airport over the entire period with which they can theneyou can then carry out the transfer yourself and drive to the CHEZ ZEN every day. the guests staying there can of course share such a vehicle with four people.

Additional costs for

Airport transferToulouse to Chez ZeN - (group shuttle !!)

From 7 people: 50,- euros per person per trip.


so total costs for the round trip transfer 100,- EURO per person.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions

or Dominique: +33 680 962383

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