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november / december 2o2o

You can have completely new experiences of being connected to other people! Gopal is a specialist in developmental trauma and also a spiritual teacher. If all of your longing is aimed at finally entering into a deep, complete exchange and fulfilling relationships with other people, then this Retreat is for you.

"Honest communication" is a central element for this and leads us from isolation and loneliness to a new bond with ourselves, other people and the earth. Our common path runs from the solution of individual problems and sufferings, through the formation of a group consciousness, to planetary consciousness.

7 days of deep relaxation in the breathtaking nature of Gascony with full service, fresh vegan, multi-course catering prepared on site, 6 nights in a double room for single use in the CHEZ ZeN or alternative in a luxury country boutique hotel. Daily Yoga and Meditation, wooden fired Sauna posible. tai chi and qui gong lessons two times a week and one hour shiatsu massage. 4 x 2 hours of trauma-sensitive healing work via zoom on the big screen with Gopal and team, as well as questions and answers after each session.


A convenient and fully comprehensive travel cancellation insurance is integrated in the package.

Intensive and deep working with the innovative trauma therapist and author: Honest communication as a central element of the festival days. The way to the final solution of individual problems / suffering to group consciousness, to planetary consciousness. 

With the booking, each guest receives access his two books "Healing of Relationships, Volumes 1 and 2" in german language. These retreat weeks are permanently bookable from November 1st, 2020.

Coherent overall package for each participant, flat-rate travel-price:



  • Hardcopy of both books "Healing Relationships" with booking in German language.


  • Monthly exclusive zoom coaching series with Gopal.


  • 7 days stay in the south of France including Ayurveda full board, overnight stays in a double room for single room use, center- and retreat participation and transfers.


  • Travel cancellation insurance integrated in the travel price.


 . 7 days including nights in the CHEZ or  a luxury boutique hotel


. double room for single use


. vegan detox ayurveda breakfast


. during the retreat days multi-course vegan ayurveda full catering including all

  wonderfully freshly prepared non- alcoholic drinks and raw food snacks

  between meals


. 7 days Retreat at the CHEZ ZeN . holistic retreat resort + academy


. for hotel guests daily transfer or own arrivel to the zeN center and back  to the hotel

  (max. 15  minutes travel time) or own arrivel with rental vehicle booked  trough us


. comfortable airport transfer (collective transfer) to and  from airport toulouse.


. travel cancellation insurance possible


. 1.599,- EURO


payment method

. 1st payment with booking, 533,- EURO

. 2. payment one month before the start of the journey,  533,- EURO

. 3. payment two weeks before the start of the journey, 533,- EURO

trauma + energy work retreats are permanently bookable now,. series starts from november 1st, 2o2o - 19. december 2o2o





CHEZ ZeN fr. place2.jpg

november 22 to 28 + november 29 - december 5, 2o2o




7 days of deep healing and relaxation in the breathtaking nature of Gascony with full service, fresh vegan, multi-course catering prepared on site, 6 nights in a double room for single use in the CHEZ ZeN . holistic retreat resort or alternative  in a luxury country boutique hotel, breakfast, 7 days of trauma-sensitive healing retreat with Cecilia, Vivek Sharma and team. A convenient and fully comprehensive travel cancellation insurance is possible in the package. 


reconnected to the higher Power of Love, Light and Abundance always actively available within and around us, only real Source of Healing, and therefore reconnected with your highest Self, able to joyfully rediscover your highest potentials and pursue your highest goals, express your talents and manifest your aspirations, raising and expanding from states of limiting, negative emotions, beliefs, memories, habits and toxic relations to an uplifted, joyful, meaningful, magnetic life.

Disclaimer: Cecilia and Vivek Sharma are not medical doctors nor claim to be so: they don’t make diagnosis or prescriptions, the methods they use can not be considered a Therapy in the common sense of the word and they don't guarantee specific results. They suggest to consult a medical doctor to take care of your physical state, recommending not to reduce or suspend the medical therapies that are already on course.


flat-rate travel price for


. 7 days including nights in the  luxury CHEZ ZeN . holistic r

   retreat resort or in a boutique hotel


. double room  for single use


. vegan detox ayurveda breakfast


. during the festival days multi-course vegan ayurveda full     catering including all wonderfully freshly prepared non-

  alcoholic drinks and raw food snacks between meals


. 7 days retreat at the CHEZ ZeN . holistic retreat resort ,

   center + academy


. from the alternative boutique hotel daily transfer or own

  arrivel to the CHEZ ZeN center and back  to the hotel

  (max. 15 minutes travel time) or own arrivel   with rental

  vehicle booked trough us


. comfortable airport transfer (collective transfer) to and     

  from airport toulouse.


. travel cancellation insurance possible


. 1.599,- EURO


payment method

. 1st payment with booking, 533,- EURO

. 2. payment one month before the start of the journey,  533,- EURO

. 3. payment two weeks before the start of the journey,   533,- EURO

an extension of stay and individual coaching with cecilia and vivek can also be booked. ​


december 8 to 11, 2o2o

Important note: Unfortunately, due to the consequences of Covid19, this retreat can only be implemented online!



Based on Brené Brown's #1 New York Times Best Seller

Meet My


The most significant finding from Brené’s latest research is that courage is a collection of four skill sets that are teachable, measurable, and observable. How might these skills impact you?

Rumbling with Vulnerability: facing your current reality with courage.

Living Into Your Values: identifying and operationalising your values so the walk is being talked.

BRAVING Trust: creating or strengthening relationships using the seven elements of trust.

Learning to Rise: evolving and rising from life’s inevitable failures and challenges.

Ready to engage with Dare To Lead™ tools and skills ? Get the courage building skills

Part 1: The Heart of Daring Leadership

Define vulnerability as uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure. Understand why vulnerability (uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure) is the foundational skill set of courage. Challenge old definitions and dispel the myths surrounding the concept of vulnerability.

Part 2: Practicing Rumbling with Vulnerability

Determine your call to courage as a leader. Understand the critical role that self-awareness plays in daring leadership. Begin practicing how to ask for what you need, set boundaries, and reach out for support.

Part 3: Looking at Shame with a new lens. Define shame and learn to recognize the physiological sensations that accompany experiences of shame. Differentiate between the four self-conscious emotions: shame, guilt, humiliation, and embarrassment. Learn to recognize how shame, scarcity, and comparison show up in the workplace and how they affect engagement, trust, and connection.

Part 4: Empathy

Understand the components of empathy and recognize common barriers to empathy (the empathic misses) that interfere with meaningful connection. Recognize the importance of emotional literacy for effective communication and connection.

Part 5: Armoured Leadership vs Daring Leadership. Understand that it’s armor – not fear – that is the greatest obstacle to daring leadership. Recognise how armour that gets in the way of daring leadership. Develop an understanding of the behaviors that characterize daring leadership as compared to armour leadership.

Part 6: Living Into Our Values

Learn how values operate in our professional lives and the role they play in integrity and daring leadership. Identify your core values and the behaviours that support these values so you can learn to recognise when you are acting from a place of integrity (and when you are not). Learn the daring leadership skills that help guide tough conversations including giving and receiving feedback.

Part 7: BRAVING Trust

Develop an understanding of how trust is built incrementally, over time, and often by small gestures.Learn how to use the BRAVING inventory as a way of understanding and discussing the elements of trust: Boundaries, Reliability, Accountability, Vault, Integrity, Non judgment, and Generosity.

Part 8: The Rising Strong Process. Learn how curiosity and recognition of emotion play in developing rising skills. Discuss how the brain is wired for story and how this influences the development of stories that are not true, and how these stories can affect our behaviour. Recognise common strategies for offloading hurt and learn more effective behaviours for managing emotion.

Part 9: Rumbling with Our SFDs. Explain how writing down the story we make up (SFD) helps make meaning of our experiences. Understand how/where/when anxiety shows up in your life. Identify patterns of over/under functioning with others.

Understand how anxiety, grief, and forgiveness are relevant to the Rising Strong process.

Part 10: The Revolution and Closing. Determine how you will integrate key learnings from this course into being a leader. 

After attending this programme, you will be better equipped to have courageous conversations, share direct feedback, and build trust.


MeetMyPotential . 7, allée de la viable, 31820, PIBRAC, France

t: +33 6 50 18 24 37 

other offers


. single and double room  bookings including breakfast  from 2 nights.

. group nights for exclusive use  of the center are possible from

  3 nights. also possible including full catering.

.  group bookings for yoga  schools including Ayurveda  detox full

    catering and use of  the practice room for up to 30 people.

. weedings and birthday parties

. corporate events

. participation in zeN. trauma sensitive healing  retreats

. healing, yoga - and meditation  festivals

. no fear trainings

. family therapeutic retreats



further individual and group treatments by our team

yoga, aerial yoga

tai chi lessons
qui gong lessons

hawaiian and shiatsu massages

conitive thearpy
music therapy
hypno therapy


individually ayurveda treatments  



further service options

. car and shuttle service
. bike rental



. sauna and pool use
. table tennis and tennis




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