"It is not a sign of health to be well adapted to a society that is fundamentally sick." (Krishnamurti)


Yoga . Ayurveda . Bodywork . Detox . Silence . Empowerment



Pia Isabel

Seminar leader, born in 1981. The business psychologist, who grew up in Chile and Germany, founded the popular retreat center “CHEZ ZeN” in France in 2015.


Intense awakening experiences in their twenties prompted them to look for scientific evidence of spiritual phenomena early on in order to be able to bring them closer to the mentally heavy Westerner.

With 24 years of meditation practice, holistic training and longer stays in India, Isabel Rössle has developed her own healing meditations that have long-lasting, trauma-healing effects, as they include cell consciousness and brainwave levels.

The aim of her exercises is to enable her clients to reproduce what they have experienced on their own so that the healing processes can manifest themselves.


Isabel Rössle has developed various seminar concepts that are fundamentally geared towards an effective time-benefit ratio and the involvement of the body-mind system in order to achieve optimal transformation processes in a relatively short time. In all of their seminars, there are periods of silence. They also include aftercare.

Isabel worked in Germany as a coach for educational academies, among other things.


Since living with her daughter in Mallorca, she has increasingly coached public figures as well as managers.


Originally from Limassol, the Cypriot of Greek descent found his vocation to cook as a law student in Great Britain.


He enrolled at the Le Monde Institute for Hotel and Tourism Studies and embraced his new career with passion.


Whether he works and learns in the 3-Michelin-star restaurant AZURMENDI, assists on an organic farm in the village of Tris Elies or trains with a well-known sommelier like Yiannis Kaimenakis, his knowledge and appreciation for culinary delights has grown.

His work is based on a deeper understanding of sustainability, biodynamic agriculture and holistic nutrition.

. 1st retreat week: 28 February - 6 March 2o21

. 2nd retreat week. 8th - 14th march 2o21

. 3rd retreat week: 19st - 25th march 2o21

. 4th retreat week. April 10th - 16th, 2o21

. 5th retreat week: April 18th - 24th, 2o21

. 6th retreat week. April 26th - May 2st, 2o21


We developed this extraordinary self-healing seminar series consisting of 3 levels, which can be booked both together and independently of each other:

. A MIDWINTERS DREAM with Sunny Samadi + Team

   lifechangingretreatss Webseite! (

. THE MAGIC OF COURAGE with Sunny Samadhi + Team (two

   retreat weeks in February and two retreat weeks in late

   March 2021)

   lifechangingretreatss Webseite! ( 

. REBEL BUDDHA with the founder of the CHEZ ZeN Pia Isabel

  Rössle + Team  (two retreat weeks in  March, April and May 2021)




We welcome you to a contemporary retreat without “shanti shanti” and esoteric rituals. Without group pressure or mandatory attendance to the sessions. (Much coveted by men too.)



We invite you to get to know the holistic CHEZ ZeN approach, if you are willing to improve your life by:

regenerating . comprehending . feeling . rebelling . releasing 

 reprogramming . healing



We are here to provide you with devotion:


  • A deep regeneration from your day-to-day reality.


  • A profound experiencing and clear understanding of how you reactivate your lightsome essence, by yourself and long lasting!


  • A warm, homely and comfortable atmosphere surrounded by a picturesque, calm nature.  



At CHEZ ZeN, neuroscientific insights and ancient practices are holistically melting into each other in order to provoke a complete shift of perception towards the profound Buddha peace, we are all longing for. 


Our most popular retreat was designed by CHEZ ZeN founders, to guide our guests into this state of connectedness, so that they can re-discover their unique resources, feel the magic of each moment and break into freedom.


Some people still remember that state from their childhoods. Just as the Rebel, who explored the inner and outer world with innocence and wildness. Still recognizing the suffering of obedience.

The good news is:This pure nature is still accessible!


The seminar will be held on a multi-lingual basis!





7 Seminar days 


. personal first consultation


. possibility for daily consultations


. 6 x trauma-sensitive Hatha yoga


. 5 x Meditation & Life Coaching


. Progressive Muscle Relaxation


. 5 x Massage Workshop


. Ayurvedic food


. 1 Ayurveda cooking class. Personal nutritional advice.


. 1 gentle Detox Day


. 1 day in noble silence


. 2 sessions of Sauna


. 1 x 60 minutes Shiatsu massage


. heated Saltwaterpool


. Final consultation


. 60 minutes personal coaching with the teacher of your                  

  choice after the retreat by phone

At the end of the retreat, each guest receives a personal voucher for 200,- euros as a gift from the CHEZ ZeN, which is valid for one year. This can either be redeemed for a subsequent booking or given away to a third person.



If a CHEZ ZeN guest arranges another guest, both persons will receive a price reduction of 5% on the weekly retreat price with the booking confirmation.


Transferred, this content applies to the above. six planned retreat weeks with the same content!




chronological seminar plan and procedure:

(The chronological sequences shown below may change slightly depending on the group dynamics and weather conditions.)


Day 1 Arrival & relaxation

16:00            check-in. Welcome drink. Discover CHEZ ZeN.

18:00            Group meets team

19:00            Ayurvedic dinner

  8:30 p.m. Personal initial meeting (if necessary), if necessary                                    First anamese


Day 2 Topic: Universal Laws vs. Our Concepts

  8:15             tea and morning snack

  8:30 am    Hatha Yoga with rhythmic elements

10:00           Breakfast in silence

                       Free time for walks, massages, sauna . . .

                        (1 day: Ayurveda cooking course)

12:00            Life coaching + guided meditation

13:30            Ayurvedic lunch

                       Free time for sauna etc. Pool / walks / massages /


16:30            massage workshop

18:30            Ayurvedic dinner

                        Free evening design. Personal if necessary

                        Conversation with the life coach

Day 3 authenticity and forgiveness

                       Same program as day 2


Day 4 Day in silence, focus in life


Day 5 Detox day, letting go

                         Detox juices and soups


Day 6 A code for emotions

16:30              closing circle (no massage workshop)

                          Farewell party (optional)




Day 7 Home sweet home, integration into everyday life

  8:00 am      Hatha yoga

  9:00 am      breakfast buffet (no longer in silence)

10:00 am      Final personal conversation with the Coach.

                          Handover of a transferable 200,- EURO - Vouchers                                    for an in-house CHEZ ZeN retreat.

                          Farewell and departure.

retreat developer + team









Pia Isabel, German-Chilean.

Business psychologist, meditation teacher, life coach and founder of CHEZ ZeN. In addition to the CHEZ ZeN, she works as a coach for academies in Germany. She is the mother of a daughter.











Gwendoline, French.

Yoga and hypnosis training in India and France. She teaches in her own studio and A. Prenatal Yoga and Children's Yoga. She builds rhythmic dance elements into her yoga.












Emiliana, French.

Experienced Hatha and Yoga Nidra teacher with her own studio.











Antoine, grew up in Europe and Africa.

Antoine has been studying meditation and Tao for more than 20 years. He also teaches Qi Gong and Tai Chi and works for the media and film industry. Father and man to whom peace is important.











Amandin, French.

Very experienced Ayurvedic consultant, Ayurvedic body therapist and alternative practitioner. Shiatsu and Tui Na Mausseurin, organic cosmetician and esthetician.









Jorge was born and raised in El Salvador. Longstanding and internationally experienced head and Ayurveda cook.

arrangement prices

Retreat week in a double room Single                             on request 

room use including all services and

treatments provided per person.


Price reduction per person for double                            - 250,- EURO room occupancy by two people.


(Prices include bath, sauna and pool towels, bed linen, free WiFi and free parking spaces, room service and final cleaning.)

payment method

. 1. Payment upon booking 50%

. 2. Payment one month before departure 50%




additional bookable services


. Ayurveda and natural cosmetic treatments

. Qi Gong + Tai Chi sessions

. Rental of light sports or electric bikes.

. Airport transfers from Toulouse or Bordeaux and

  Rental vehicle booking



the basic price per person includes the following services


. 7 days in a double room for single room use included Bed linen,

   bath towels and final cleaning.

. entire seminar and treatments as described above.

. freshly prepared vegan Ayurveda full board, breakfast piece           buffet, multi-course lunch and dinner, all hot and cold drinks

   and raw food snacks between the Meals. The Ayurvedic dishes

   prepared with fresh Organic foods are vegan, gluten and sugar


. Possibility of using the wood-fired outdoor sauna included

   Bath towels and homemade herbal infusions.

. 2 x one hour exclusive Shiatsu or Hawaiin massage.

. free wifi.

. Free parking of the car on the premises.




hints and notes

Depending on how the CHEZ ZeN will be occupied, guests will also be accommodated in the beautiful, romantic boutique hotel La Lumiane in Saint Puy (10 minutes by car). For these guests who are accommodated there but do not arrive with their own car, instead of the collective transfer from Toulouse Airport, we offer a rental car for the entire period for an additional 200,- EURO, with which you then carry out the transfer yourself as well as the daily Arrival and departure to CHEZ ZN. The guests accommodated there can of course share such a vehicle with four people.




additional costs for

Airport transfer Toulouse to Chez ZeN as a group shuttle for 7 or more people: EURO 50,- per person and route.


So total costs for the round trip transfer 100,- EURO per person.





please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or Dominique: +33 680 962383



phone hotline: +33 680 962383

CHEZ ZeN . holistic retreat SAS.

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Occitanie / Midi Pyrenees / France

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