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those who are very afraid to question their own values ​​and their own actions and prefer to hide behind hardness and determination may have unconscious or subconscious reasons for this.  In other words, whether you consider it an enrichment or an irritation to deal with these levels of the self is a very personal question that is completely independent of meditation. If you absolutely want to stay exactly as you are, you should not only avoid meditation, but generally avoid any form of reflection.

Link to the current article in "Mediation France" on the therapeutic concepts for trauma healing and their implementation in the CHEZ ZeN.
Translation of the article in english


bonjour, welcome,

CHEZ ZeN is a comfortable retreat center in the picturesque region of Gascony in southwest France. The 2.5 hectare property is located on a hill near the Pyrenees and offers a breathtaking view over wide valleys with poplar trees, vineyards and sunflower fields. The beauty and the endless expanse of nature ensure peace and quiet and the proximity to the pilgrimage site of Lourdes, the long summer season and the holistic and sustainable approach of the CHEZ ZeN center and resorts make it possible to organize a wide range of events for retreats and fasting cures , Seminars and meetings.


In addition, you need to know more about it.

A large salt water pool, sauna, fireplaces and proximity to a lake for swimming and hiking also contribute to physical well-being and deep relaxation. The tastefully and individually designed seminar rooms and bedrooms are spread across the three buildings in the center, which also offers eight terraces for relaxation.

The property also houses an idyllic orchard and a "Permaculture" organic vegetable garden, which enriches CHEZ ZeN's vegetarian cuisine. The presence of children is permitted and very desirable for certain courses and seminars.

In addition, at the end of each course, a certain percentage of the proceeds will be donated to a social welfare project or to protect animals.


overview of the property

. area:                                                          2.5 ha.
. dimensions of seminar room 1: 90 m²
. dimensions of seminar room 2: 55 m²

. multifunctional courtyard         300 m²

. buildings :                                                3 guest house
. rooms:                                                     13 double, triple and quadruple rooms + one galerie,

                                                                             with buton beds as single beds, which can also

                                                                             be pushed together to double beds.
. bath rooms with shower or           10  + 2 guest toilet

. kitchens:                                                  3 one fully equipped catering kitchen,                                                                                         one island kitchen in the main house as a

                                                                              show kitchen, one kitchen in the gite

. galleries:                                                  2

. treatment and massage room:     1
. terraces:                                                10

. roof terraces:                                        2
. yoga terrace for 50 people:             1
. park with outdoor pool and             1


. wooden fired, finnish outside        1


. farm garden:                                           1

. herb garden:                                           1
. wood-fired outdoor sauna:             1
. car parking spaces, also                35

   suitable for camping buses:
. areas for camping:                             4                       

. campfire area:                                       1

. barbecue area:                                      1

. siberian yurt:                                          1

. stereo system with bluetooth        2 

. interface:

. projector with big screen:               1



CHEZ ZeN offers its guests a completely vegan, vegetarian Ayurveda cuisine, some with its own organic products. Before their arrival, all participants receive a questionnaire in which they can choose from one of the following types of food, which will be taken into account during their stay:
• Vegetarians
• Ayurvedic
• raw food
• vegan


In addition, gluten and lactose intolerances are taken into account in the center, which does not use industrial sugar.

Free water and tea, as well as coffee with meals, are available throughout the day. It is also possible to buy in the center every day:
• healthy snacks
• Wellness and detox drinks
• Smoothies and fresh fruit juices
• Specialty coffees and decaffeinated solutions


Well-being - SPA

A large selection of massages and Ayurvedic treatments can be booked on site. The "Health Shop" of CHEZ ZeN also offers Ayurvedic products for holistic healing. The 11 meter long salt water pool guarantees healthy water without chemicals. A wood-burning outdoor sauna and several fireplaces also help to relax and encourage contemplation.

In addition, you need to know more about it.


Fitness & Mindfulness

Yoga and meditation courses can be booked for the entire group, as an additional course component or individually. The picturesque and sparsely populated landscape of Gascon invites you to go hiking or jogging. It is also possible to explore this historical region on the bikes of the CHEZ ZeN center.

Yoga Practice

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e-mail: welcome@chezzenretreat.com

phone hotline: +33 680 962383

CHEZ ZeN . holistic retreat SAS.

La Tombe

F-32500 La Sauvetat

Occitanie / Midi Pyrenees / France

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