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CHEZ ZeN . Ayurveda Academy South of France + Santa Barbara / CA.  


certified ayurveda training modules in the CHEZ ZeN

with corinna + team


qualified and certified training as ayurveda specialist. certified by the maharani academy, national Ayurveda healing art according to the gold standard, comparable to german tüv nord iso 2990, but more extensive.












multilingual and certified ayurveda training modules, french, english, german at the CHEZ ZeN in the south of france


. deepen your knowledge

. expand your professional opportunities

. increase your offer



we offer you one of the most comprehensive and unique training modules for learning Ayurveda body techniques and pancha karma treatments.


this training is offered with the utmost respect for the ancient ayurveda traditions, both in terms of purity of knowledge and in terms of authenticity. it is intended to provide the students with well-founded experience and trust in performing Ayurvedic sacred bodywork ™, marma therapy and pancha karma, the ayurveda, detox cleanse.


Ayurvedic bodywork and pancha karma cleansing therapies are among the fastest growing health services and are offered in spas, wellness centers and clinics around the world. through this training you can learn a new calling or improve and deepen your connection with your current client as your treatments become more effective, transformative and enchanting. If you integrate Ayurveda bodywork and pancha karma into your practice, you expand your range of treatments significantly, achieve greater customer loyalty and ultimately create a new source of income .


We now invite you to immerse yourself in this life-changing training of this ancient art in one of the most exquisite retreat centers in the world, the CHE ZEN in southern France. We look forward to welcoming you to the highest healing environment of the CHE ZEN and at the same time sharing the technical and intuitive elements that make this timeless medicine such a sacred and powerful art.




what you will learn in the training [MODULE A]:


. abhyanga massage; this is the classic Ayurvedic oil massage, in which medicinal oils with specific care lines are skillfully applied. it activates the energy centers (marma points), dissolves impurities and stimulates arterial and lymphatic circulation. learn how to carry out this treatment alone and in sync with another technician.


swedhana; This is a herbal medicinal steam therapy that can be administered locally to specific parts of the body or for the entire physiology. (with the exception of the head, which is always kept cool). it allows oils to penetrate deep into the tissue and also removes toxins.


. shirodhara; this is the pouring of medicinal liquids (oil, buttermilk, ghee) over the forehead. it specifically cares for the region of the third suges, which is connected to the body's main gland, the pituitary gland, and creates a deep sense of peace and calm.


. marma therapy 101 basics; this is a study of the basic principles of marma therapy and how sound, touch, aroma and the intention to direct the flow of prana are used for healing. find out how to use marma therapy in clinical practice.


plus: silk glove massage, indian head massage, foot treatment, ayurvedic facial and how to administer herbal compresses, make herbal recipes, etc.


all prices include overnight stays in a double room for single room use, ayurveda full catering and travel cancellation insurance.


Installment payments over four months are also possible!





what you will learn in the training [MODULE B]: 


. all of the above-described 5th training levels of the training MODULE A. plus:


. udvartana; This is a brisk massage that uses herbal powders and pastes to stimulate the release of toxins and aid in the removal of excess fatty tissue.


. Pinda Swedhana; This is a cooling therapy with herbal rice bolus bags that are heated in a special milk cooker and massaged vigorously into the skin to reduce inflammation and rejuvenate the body.


. Nasya; This is the classic sinus and nasal treatment designed to open the channels in the upper body so that more pranic energy can enter. It includes an invigorating Indian head massage, localized steam, and the use of a variety of nasal preparations.


. netra tarpana; involves using a variety of methods and techniques such as bathing the eyes in ghee, eye drops, and cleansing with herbal smoke to relieve eye diseases.


. Karna Purana; This treatment uses a special ear massage and the application of herbal formulas to relieve ear pain and other ear problems.



All prices include overnight stays in a double room for single use, Ayurveda full board and travel cancellation insurance.


Payment in installments possible over five months!




BONUS: Students also learn the clinical application of Marma Therapy, the full set of Ayurvedic sensory therapies, Basti, dry / wet Udvartana, Lepas and more.

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