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. thursday, june 10 to monday, june 14, 2o21

. thursday, june 17 to monday, june 21, 2o21

You can have completely new experiences of being connected to other people! Gopal is a specialist in developmental trauma and also a spiritual teacher. If all of your longing is aimed at finally entering into a deep, complete exchange and fulfilling relationships with other people, then this festival is for you.

"Honest communication" is a central element for this and leads us from isolation and loneliness to a new bond with ourselves, other people and the earth. Our common path runs from the solution of individual problems and sufferings, through the formation of a group consciousness, to planetary consciousness.

5 days of deep relaxation in the breathtaking nature of Gascony with full service, fresh vegan, multi-course catering prepared on site, 4 nights in a double room for single use in a luxury country boutique hotel, breakfast, 3 days of trauma-sensitive healing festival with Gopal and team. A convenient and fully comprehensive travel cancellation insurance is integrated in the package:


Working with the innovative trauma therapist and author:
Honest communication as a central element of the festival days. The way to the final solution of individual problems / suffering to group consciousness, to planetary consciousness. 

With the booking, each guest receives access to a zoom workshop with which monthly sessions take place in advance, as well as his two books "Healing of Relationships, Volumes 1 and 2".

Coherent overall package for each participant, flat-rate travel-price:

. Hardcopy of both books "Healing Relationships" with booking in German language.


. Monthly exclusive zoom coaching series with Gopal.


. 5 days stay in the south of France including Ayurveda full board, overnight stays in a

  double room for single room use, festival participation and transfers.


. Travel cancellation insurance integrated in the travel price.

. 5 days in a luxury boutique hotel


. double room with bath en suite for single use, daily room service


. vegan detox ayurveda breakfast


. during the festival days multi-course ayurveda full catering including all wonder- 

  fully freshly prepared non- alcoholic drinks and raw food snacks between meals


. 3 days festival at the zeN . resort 


. daily transfer or own arrivel to the zeN center and back  to the hotel  (max. 30    

  minutes travel time) or own arrivel with rental vehicle booked trough us


. comfortable airport transfer (collective transfer) to and  from airport toulouse.


. travel cancellation insurance


. 1.599,- EURO incl. all


payment method

. 1st payment with booking, 533,- EURO

. 2. payment three months before the start of the journey, 533,- EURO

. 3. payment one month before the start of the journey, 533,- EURO

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