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Ayurveda training at zeN. Ayurveda academy south of france + santa barbara / CA.  


from and with corinna maharani + team responsible head + project manager at the

zeN ayurveda center + founder, owner of the m aharani ayurveda clinic & spa. santa barbara / approx.

phone + whatsapp: +1 (805) 452-2526










. winter 2o2o + spring 2o21 (and from January 2o21 on request)


. 6 weeks each


Certified, six-week training module for professional Ayurveda bodywork, Veddic massage and Marma therapists.


Required requirements and prior knowledge level:No



This training is aimed at medical professionals, especially massage therapists, but is also suitable for laypeople. Students learn the complex basics of Ayurvedic medicine, as well as ancient bodywork treatments such as Ayurveda massage and a variety of gentle rejuvenation based spa therapies. After certified completion, each participant can apply these ancient therapies in a spa, clinic or private practice.


This course is also interesting for those who want to learn the healing principles of Ayurveda for self-sufficiency or simply want to treat their friends and family with Ayurveda.



Training content

The pupils learn skills in the following Areas:


. Theoretical background and the basics of Ayurveda medicine.


. Determination of the Ayurvedic body type for personalized treatment /Meeting.


. Teaching about the wide range of healing methods and Ayurveda remedies:

  Sensory therapy, Marma therapy, Shirodhara (head pouring), Silkglove massage and

  especially the Abhyanga (Vedic oil massage).



Certification as Ayurvedic bodyworker, Ayurvedic massage and Marma therapist.



Training implementation:

The course includes 6 weeks of online courses (live and also recorded for later viewing), as well as a 9-day internship during this time, plus 2 days for travel to and from the CHEZ ZeN. holistic retreat resort in southern France.


This includes overnight stays in a double room for single use, Ayurveda full catering, use of the center, free wifi and free parking.


Dates / content:

6 WEEKS Online Ayurveda intensive training 1.5 hours per week, plus exams and evaluations from December 5th 2o2o to February 9th, 2o21.


11 days hands-on intensive internship at the CHEZ ZeN. holistic retreat resort in the south of France from December 12th to 20th, 2o2o:


daily schedule at CHEZ ZeN

7.30 am                 at the aryurvedic berakfast buffet

9:00 am                noon morning classes

Noon -1:00 pm  lunch (ayurvedic meal)

1:00 - 3:30 pm   practicum, clinical training

5:00 pm                closing and Q&A

7:30 pm                dinner (Ayurvedic meal)


Complete training material such as a professional training brochure and DVD.


This entire first level of training is implemented over 68 hours of training. It comprises 6 online courses from December 5, 2o2o and a 9-day course that will take place live at CHEZ ZeN from December 12 to 20, 2o2o (alternatively in April 2021). It also includes a training DVD, a course manual, practical and theoretical tests, as well as 11 days of practical training including overnight stays and full catering at the CHEZ ZeN.



Minimum number of participants:

6 pupils / trainees



Module A costs all incl .:

3.999,- EURO ( installment payments over four months are also possible!)







What is Ayurvedic Bodywork, Vedic Massage and Marma Therapy?


Ayurvedic Bodyworks is based on the ancient principles of Ayurvedic medicine, a holistic treatment approach that takes into account all aspects of healing. Body, mind and spirit of an individual.


The Vedic massage, also known as Abhyanga (full body massage), is a highly therapeutic and ancient massage technique that has both a cleansing and a rejuvenating effect.


The Vedic massage uses the knowledge and the implementation of the Marma therapy by activating energetic trigger points and sliding gently over the body. Medicinal oils are used and specific therapeutic touches are carried out. Locating and treating the Marma points and using a variety of Ayurvedic sensory therapies is what makes Vedic Massage and Marma Therapy so profound.


They are the shamanic aspects of Ayurvedic bodywork and can promote profound healing and transformation. Physical impulses are triggered that support our self-healing processes.


Applying this work can help the client overcome pent-up feelings and thought patterns, as well as experience profound physical transformation and healing. In this training, the practitioner learns different trance techniques in order to dive into the deep secrets of Marma therapy. By stimulating and activating these energy centers, the practitioner learns how to direct Prana (life force) to various tissues and organs and how to activate the patient's internal resources and support self-healing. This powerful healing wisdom is the secret of all Ayurvedic treatments and is taught by Corinna Maharani and her tram. she is one of the direct initiates of an old shamanic Marma line, the SV Ayurveda line.


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