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. thursday, june 24 to monday, june 28, 2o21

. thursday, july 1 to monday, july 5, 2o21

Are you ready to allow the new you to come out and play in our new world? Things have changed with us personally and globally in a huge way. As much as this process started some time ago, 2020 has been quite remarkable in many ways and in a way, it seems very much just the beginning.

We cannot deny that 2020 has been an intensely impactful year for many people. Besides things changing globally, many of us have been experiencing what people would refer to as a roller coaster ride involving intense emotions while witnessing a complete breakdown of how our world operates. We are certainly different, and so is the world; therefore, learning how to play the game of life in a completely different way is upon us. We are now observing what may have worked before is no longer applicable. We'll have to step out of our comfort zone and old way of life to embrace our New World.

On the surface, it may seem that what is happening is a breakdown of our world and society. However, what we are going through is a transformation and upgrade in our human experience and world. We have a tremendous opportunity to make a huge leap forward. Many of us have been waiting for this time to come forth. Here we are, it is up to us individually and collectively to direct our experience and world.

package for each participant, flat-rate travel-price:

. 5 days stay in the south of France including Ayurveda full board, overnight stays in a

  double room for single room use, festival participation and transfers.


. Travel cancellation insurance integrated in the travel price.

. 5 days in a luxury boutique hotel


. double room with bath en suite for single use, daily room service


. vegan detox ayurveda breakfast


. during the festival days multi-course ayurveda full catering including all wonder- 

  fully freshly prepared non- alcoholic drinks and raw food snacks between meals


. 3 days festival at the zeN . resort 


. daily transfer or own arrivel to the zeN center and back  to the hotel  (max. 30    

  minutes travel time) or own arrivel with rental vehicle booked trough us


. comfortable airport transfer (collective transfer) to and  from airport toulouse.


. travel cancellation insurance


. 1.599,- EURO incl. all


payment method

. 1st payment with booking, 533,- EURO

. 2. payment three months before the start of the journey, 533,- EURO

. 3. payment one month before the start of the journey, 533,- EURO

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