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. thursday, may 13 to monday, may 17, 2o21

. thursday, may 20 to monday, may 24, 2o21

Five days of deep healing and relaxation, YOGA and MEDITATION in the breathtaking nature of Gascony with full service, fresh vegan, multi-course catering prepared on site, 4 nights in a double room for single use in a luxury country boutique hotel, breakfast, 3 days of trauma-sensitive healing festival with Cecilia, Vivek Sharma and team. A convenient and fully comprehensive travel cancellation insurance is integrated in the package:

Three days Consciousness Festival, Experience the Experiencer. Experience of inner consciousness.

reconnected to the higher Power of Love, Light and Abundance always actively available within and around us, only real Source of Healing, and therefore reconnected with your highest Self, able to joyfully rediscover your highest potentials and pursue your highest goals, express your talents and manifest your aspirations, raising and expanding from states of limiting, negative emotions, beliefs, memories, habits and toxic relations to an uplifted, joyful, meaningful, magnetic life.

Disclaimer: Cecilia and Vivek Sharma are not medical doctors nor claim to be so: they don’t make diagnosis or prescriptions, the methods they use can not be considered a Therapy in the common sense of the word and they don't guarantee specific results. They suggest to consult a medical doctor to take care of your physical state, recommending not to reduce or suspend the medical therapies that are already on course.

flat-rate travel price for


. 5 days including nights in a luxury boutique hotel


. double room with bath en suite for single use, daily room service


. vegan detox ayurveda breakfast


. during the festival days multi-course ayurveda full catering including all 

  wonderfully freshly prepared non- alcoholic drinks and raw food snacks

  between meals


. 3 days festival at the zeN . resort


. daily transfer or own arrivel to the zeN center and back to the hotel (max. 30 minutes 

   travel time) or own arrivel with rental vehicle booked trough us


. comfortable airport transfer (collective transfer) to and from airport toulouse


. travel cancellation insurance


. 1.599,- EURO incl. all


payment method

. 1st payment with booking 533,- EURO

. 2. payment three months before the start of the journey 533,- EURO

. 3. payment one month before the start of the journey 533,- EURO

an extension of stay and individual coaching with cecilia and vivek can also be booked.

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