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Pia Isabel . German-Chilean.
Psychologist, meditation teacher, life coach, sensual dance therapist, yin yoga teacher and founder of the CHEZ ZeN.
She is the mother of a 5 year old daughter. Resides in France and Mexico.

The psychologist Isabel Rössle, with 25 years of meditation practice, holistic training and longer stays in India, has developed her own healing meditations and theta healings. These have long-lasting trauma-healing effects as they involve cell awareness and brainwave levels. The aim of their exercises is to enable their clients to reproduce what they have experienced on their own so that the healing processes can manifest themselves.


This Healing Retreat series was developed on the following principles, methods and teachings, according to which Pia Isabel Rössle and the team work in trauma therapy:

. "Imagery" psychiatrist Dr. med. Gerald Epstein

. "Letting go technique" - Dr. med. Dr. phil David Hawkins

. "Wholeness and Radical Responsibility" - Psychiatrist Ron Smothermon

. "Somatic Experiencing". Natural self-regulation in the nervous system.

   - Dr. Peter Levine
." The Polyvagal Theorie" from Dr. Stephan W. Porges

. "Relationship Healing" - Gopal Norbert Klein

."Wider den Gehorsam" from Arno Gruen

. Sensual Dance - Isabel Rössle (Somatic Experiencing Effect)

. "Awakening Code" - Mario Amenti

. Reconnection Coaching - Mari Nil

. Mindfulness - Prof. Jon Kabat-Zinn

. Vipassana - Buddhism

. Tantra versus Yoga - Osho

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[private retreats  . CHEZ ZeN francais]




SOFT          .   7 days with extension option

INTENSE  . 10 days with extension option

YIN + HATHA YOGA * Energy + Consciousness Work * Deep Detox Primordial Power of Nature * Meditation * Sound & Silence Soullight Ayurveda * developed + guided by experienced psychologists


Seven to ten days CHEZ ZeN ONE to ONE private retreat

download lookbook private retreat series ONLY YOU . . .


The ONLY YOU private retreat concept, developed by CHEZ ZeN founder and psychologist Pia Isabel Rössle, was designed for people who feel the need for a personalized detox, healing and wellness retreat in order to deeply regenerate and revitalize their stressed mind and body .

Self-regulation is one of the most central issues in trauma healing and initially means being able to put yourself in a good state. This by means of constructive self-regulatory mechanisms, which help the autonomic nervous system (neurophysiological processes) to assess the environment as safe.


This is completely undisturbed by external influences and focuses on your own processes.

Exclusively and individually designed for a maximum of 2 people. (The dates can be arranged flexibly until September 2022!)




power place CHEZ ZeN

In the picturesque and tranquil landscape of Gascon, a team consisting of holistic therapists is dedicated to deep regeneration and revitalization through emotional reconnection and physical detoxification, including intestinal cleansing and parasite cure. It is suitable for burn out patients and for burn out prevention.



nourishment . the vegan-vegetarian catering is given special importance in this detox retreat.

It will gently support the detoxification processes and help build a new intestinal flora.

Sometimes there is a gentle juice smoothie and broth fast. However, it is never exhausting for the body. You don't have to do without enjoyment either. The fresh and lovingly prepared and served Ayurvedic, detoxifying food and drinks will provide new culinary experiences.


A purely alkaline diet is implemented.





In consultation with the client and their needs, an individual program for the mind, soul and body structure is created.


Our goal is a deep and long-lasting regeneration of our client, as well as the ability to continue a healthy lifestyle independently. The mind-body-soul system is led back into a state of basic trust, in which from now on intuition instead of mind control may take over.


Life will feel much more effortless and smooth, as well as more joyful. Signals from the body are interpreted in good time and can be responded to accordingly. Thanks to a profound detoxification and purification of the body, the energy level will rise rapidly, which in turn has an effect on the feeling of happiness.




are used for this


. Conversation sessions - cognitive work

. Guided healing meditations on theta level

. Coaching exercises for self-application

. Colon hydro therapy for intensive detoxification and purification

. active accompaniment of emotional healing processes

. Deeply relaxing yin yoga

. Activating Hatha Yoga

. Therapeutic body work to dissolve mental and physical


. Gentle fasting (juices, smoothies, soups, broths, salads)

. Healthy nutrition including the use of probiotics, parasite

   treatments, superfoods

. Times in silence, walks

. 5 x 90 minutes deep massages (shiatsu or hawiien)

. Sufficient and deep sleep

. Evenings in the wood-fired outdoor sauna with homemade


Herbal infusions

. Salt water pool

. We also recommend Digital Detox


this private retreate series is held multilingual!



arrangement prices                                                                       - on request


7- or 10 day retreat week in a double room for

single room use on request, including all shown-

Services, massages and treatments, solike

daily breakfast tea, multi-course Brunch and

dinner per person.


Freshly prepared vegan Ayurveda dishes, 

Breakfast tea, brunch, multi-course dinner,

all hot and cold drinks, as well as raw food

snacks between meals. The ayur Vedic dishes

are prepared with organic Vegan, gluten and

sugar-free foods.


Price reduction per person for a double room                     - 150 EURO

for two people.


(These prices include bathroom, Sauna and pool

towels, luxury bed linen, W-LAN, car parking spaces

and final cleaning.)


payment method

- 1st payment upon reservation                        = 50%.

- 2nd payment one month before the start = 50% of the

   package price.


bookable additional services


. Extension days with and without additional private ones

  treatments can be booked separately. This either before or

  after the private retreat.


. light touring or racing bikes, alternatively e-bikes can be used

  Can be reserved upon request.


. Hypnotherapeutic treatments.


. Ayurveda and natural cosmetic treatments.


. Qi Gong + Tai Chi sessions.


. complementary private yoga classes.


. Airport transfers from Toulouse or Bordeaux, alternatively


. Rental vehicle booking possible.


. Airport transfer by car from Toulouse Airport to CHEZ ZeN: 120, -

   EURO. Thus, the total cost for the Transfer to and from the hotel     240, - EURO.


. complementary sauna evenings in the wood-fired one Outdoor

   sauna including sauna towels and homemade herbal greet


. romantic campfire evenings.


. 5 x 90 Minutes exclusive deepp Healing Massages.





other team members










Gwendoline, French.

Yoga and hypnosis training in India and France. She teaches prenatal yoga and children's yoga in her own studio. It builds rhythmic dance elements in her yoga with a.











Laetitia , French.

Very experienced, highly qualified and sensitive massage therapist with state certification from FFMBE and her own institute.








Ruth, was born and raised in Mexico.

Long-term and internationally experienced as well as state-qualified alternative practitioner, colon hydro therapist with her own institute.










Jorge, born and raised in El Salvador.

Long-standing and internationally experienced head and Ayurveda chef.



Hughes, French.

certified Ayurveda therapist with many years of international experience.



additional important information and notes 

Everyone is warmly welcome to participate in our retreats and as guests of the CHEZ ZeN. Parents are also welcome to take part with their children. A babysitting service is also possible.


In the following cases, requirements must be coordinated with the retreat management at least 14 days before the start of the retreat and, if necessary, individually adapted:


. for competitive and professional athletes

. with food intolerances and very strong allergic reactions

. in the event of any profound uncertainties

. in relevant disabilities and addictions




Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or if you would like to make a booking





CHEZ ZeN. holistice retreat SAS.

32500 La Sauvetat / Occitanie / Midi Pyrenees






credits: photos CHEZ ZeN SAS.

Status: january 2o22



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